December,1948 Aoyama Mold Co.,Ltd. is established in Nagoya and begins production of molds for rubber.
April,1961 The start towerds ongoing modernization begins as relocating to the new facility in Haruhi.
October,1963 The production of molds for industrial use plastic items starts.
January,1967 TheProduction of milds for automotive and electric appliances starts.
June,1971 Selected as company for investment by Nagoya Smali-and-Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.,Ltd. Capital increases to \60,000,000.
September,1979 Large product of facility and machines increases.
January,1980 Capital increases to \75,000,000.
December,1981 Large product finishing facility is addes.
June,1983 Capital increases to \100,000,000
November,1984 Sunaga 1st Plant is built and 2,500 ton injection molding machine installed.
August,1988 CAD/CAM system installed and large machining center addes.
May,1990 Sunaga 2nd Plant is built and 4,000 ton injection molding machine installed.
November,1992 Electric discharge machining equipment increased.
January,1996 The start towards plan of new CAD/CAM system.
August,1998 High speed machining line set up.
March,1999 1.600 ton and 550 ton injection molding machines installed.
November,2000 Solid design system starts.
November,2001 600 ton SPM molding machine installed.
August,2003 Began to procure metal molds in Taiwan jointly with Toyota Tsusho Corporationís local subsidiary.
October,2005 Established a dedicated division to provide metal mold maintenance services.
August,2006 Acquired ISO14001 certification.
January,2007 Acquired ISO9001 certification.